More details about the weed mitigation drawdown

The LBC is circulating the following details regarding this years weed mitigation drawdown:

The annual winter drawdown of Lake Boon for weed mitigation is scheduled to start this year after October 1st.  This year the lake will drop 12 inches.  The boards will be taken out of the dam by the Stow Highway Department.  They will be dropping the lake slowly.  If there is any sign of a well having trouble, the boards will immediately be put back in the dam so that the lake will rise to the level where the well was previously unaffected.  The signs of a well being affected are longer pumping times of the well pump or air coming out of the fawcett when opened.  If you experience any of these signs, please call one of our volunteers.  They will verify the situation and assist the homeowner with obtaining temporary drinking/bathing water, if needed, until the well is unaffected.  A contingency fund has been donated by the Lake Boon Association to assist homeowners with the temporary supply of water.  The lake will begin to refill at the end of January or the beginning of February, depending on weather conditions.  The refill of lake is to be completed by April 1 or earlier if ice out is achieved before April 1.


  • Conray Wharff 16 Gately Ave. Hudson, (978) 562-9412
  • Cindy Curley 166 Barton Road Stow, (978) 562-9592
  • Lee Heron 615 Great Road Stow (978) 793-1438
  • Theresa O’Riorden 12 Davis Road Stow, (978) 562-5643
  • Kent Seith 11 Hale Road Stow (978) 760-3483

Local well and plumbing companies:

  • The Wash Well Company, Robert Tupper, Merrimack, NH (603) 424-3778
  • Alana Plumbing & Heating, Ron Possick, 89 Hunter Ave. Hudson, 978-443-3881 or 508-877-4500
  • Advanced Mechanical, Joe Bellinski, 51 Crescent Street Stow, 978-897-0080
  • R.J. Curley & Sons Plumbing & Heating, 152 Manning St. Hudson, 978-562-2742

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