Message from the LBC re: Lake Drawdown

What a winter!

Did you know that 92% of the surface water in the Great Lakes has iced over this winter?? In a normal winter, it might be 48%. Look at how that has deviated. Only once in the 20th century did it ice up as much as this year……………that was 1978. Amazing…………..This winter has been miserable for many…………….Only one state in the lower 48 did not have measurable snow this winter……..Florida. I think that is first since records have been kept……… And Lake boon still has over 12 inches s of ice!
We would normally have put the boards back into the dam to raise the level back to summer levels by now in order to meet our target date of refilling the lake by April 1.

Because of the thick ice we will not replace the boards until the ice has substantially melted. The lake always refills quickly because we replace all the boards at the same time, this year, as we do every year, we will wait until the ice is mostly gone to avoid damaging a lot of docks and shoreline.

I will let you know when we replace the boards. In the mean time please let people know what is happening.


Chair Lake Boon Commission

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