Waterfront Warning — Don’t Leave it to Beaver!

Beavers have been active on Lake Boon this spring. This morning 3 beavers were seen at the north end of the first basin. This is enough to clear-cut your waterfront in short order, especially if you have birch or willow trees–their favorite flavors. Chicken wire or small mesh wire fencing are usually effective for preserving the trunks.

Also, remember the LBA annual meeting, Sunday, June 2 at 7:00 pm at the Wildlife Refuge information building. More details coming.

Lake Boon cleanup this weekend!

Happy Spring, Boonies!

This weekend, April 5-6, we would like to join with the Stow Town cleanup in picking up the litter and debris that has accumulated through this long winter. Bags and gloves will be available Saturdaymorning at the Stow Lower Common from 8 to noon or use your own.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to our lake community by enhancing the environment, setting a good example for our children and grandchildren, and carrying out another part of our Watershed Management Plan. Please help pick up trash along our roads to keep the neighborhood looking nice and prevent anything from blowing into the lake or clogging storm drains.

Wear bright clothing and be careful of traffic. Please put the accumulation with your normal trash pickup or in Stow you can put it out prominently along the road for the highway department to pick upon Monday.

Dock on the loose
Do you know where your dock is? There was a large square dock with blue barrels floating at the south end of the first basin today. If it’s yours, let us know and we can find help to return it.