Lighting of the lake is tomorrow! Come on down

It seems like everyone I talk to is fired up and making plans for the lighting of the lake tomorrow night!

Please see an earlier post for details but I wanted to remind everyone that a fire pit and LIVE MUSIC will be at the town beach so come on down (a great, free way to spend the evening with our without the kids). The lake community sends a special invite our to you non-lake folk to participate!

If you have a shore party – have fun and keep it safe! Remember, the band will play you a song if your shore is well-lit and they can see you having a party.

If you are following the band on the lake, please be extra cautious and stay IN BACK of the band and out of their way (they tend to back up a lot). And if you are in a canoe or kayak – PUT SOME LIGHTS ON your vessel. Also, there is no law against it but please – do not decide to go swimming near the band…in the dark… with a hundred boats with propellers tooling around – that is just asking for trouble. It is a great time and a lot of fun but it is also chaotic out there. Be careful, be safe and have fun!

Town beach is OPEN! All good results from yesterdays testing!

Hi everyone – Here is the update from the Stow BOH:

The four samples taken at Lake Boon on Monday 8/18/14 by Microbac Labs were reported today Tuesday 8/19/14. The results are the following:

1. Pine Bluffs Beach – 114 colonies E. coli

2. 1st Basin Barton Rd. across from Town Beach – 5 colonies E. coli

3. 2nd Basin North Shore Drive – 4 colonies E. coli

4. 3rd Basin Back side of Hale Rd. – 31 colonies E. coli.

The results are under the 235 E. coli for the Town Beach and the beach will be opened again. The other counts of E. coli in the pond are not an indication of a drinking or swimming issue and are very low. Testing of wells everywhere in the community is important to do every few years. The information on E. coli is very valuable for lots of reasons. BOH agent wants to thank everyone for their trust, cooperation, assistance, ideas, and patience. We will need to further evaluate the process for the future. The collaboration of our improvement plan will be important.

E Coli testing update

Hi everyone. I just wanted to update you on the E Coli concern. The LBA has agreed to fund some additional testing around the lake today when the company comes out today (I think they already have). This additional funding is a one-time thing but we will be working with the town to include more testing than just town beach in the future. As soon as todays test results become available, I will update you.

I also just wanted to pass on some info from the BOH. Residents are always encouraged to test their own wells (regardless of this latest scare). Jack at the BOH provided this list of companies that can assist.

E Coli testing came back 3 times the recommended limit.

The Town Beach was tested for E. Coli bacteria again on Friday 8/15/14 by Microbac Labs.  The results were phoned to me @ 1:30 today 8/16 by the lab.and the count is 1075 colonies of E. coli bacteria well above the 235 colonies standard for Public Beaches.  The beach will remain closed until Microbac test again on Monday 8/18/14.  The homeowners on the lake should assume the data for E. Coli bacteria on the beach is the same in all areas of the lake, unless you have tested  your own swimming area for E. Coli.

 This increased number of E Coli bacterial colonies warrants further Public Health concerns to individuals with drinking water supplied from a shallow well. Households with shallow wells on Lake Boon should boil water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, and washing of any open wounds.

 The water will be retested on Monday and results will be forwarded to Stow BOH on Tuesday 8/19/14.

 This message was sent by reverse 911 system to the households on Lake Boon in Stow.

 Questions will be answere by any concerned citizens by calling my cell 978.265.0615.

 Jack Wallace

Health Agent

Pine Bluffs beach closed for swimming!

The BOH receives a phone call from Microbac laboratories today with the results of weekly testing for E Coli on Tuesday 8/12/14 @ Pine Bluffs Beach.  The E. Coli result was 276 E. Coli colonies which exceeds the acceptable number of 235 E. Coli colonies.  After discussing the result with Microbac Labs and DPH we are closing the beach until another sample scheduled to be taken on Friday 8/15/14 is completed by Microbac Labs.   The sample taken on Friday will require 18 hrs. of incubation.  The results will be communicated to the BOH by Microbac Labs by phone on Saturday 8/16/14. The BOH agent will communicate the results on Saturday when they are received by email.

The most frequently asked questions by Lake Boon community is the water in front of our dwelling safe for swimming?  The answer is the only area tested is Pine Bluffs Beach and those results indicate a problem.  If you do not sample in your own beach area, the data at town beach should be honored by Lake Boon households.

Jack Wallace

Health Agent

LBA Water Carnival Aug 22-24 Details


Also note that the historical boat tour on Sunday has limited space and is first come, first served.
The Annual Water Carnival Weekend sponsored by the Lake Boon Association, will be held from Friday evening, August 22nd to Sunday afternoon, August 24th.  All events are open and free of charge to Stow and Hudsonresidents. The Lake Boon Water Carnival is a tradition dating back over 100 years, shortly after Lake Boonbecame a summer destination for Boston area vacationers. It is old fashioned summer entertainment for all ages, carrying on many events similar to those held in the early 1900s at the end of the summer season.

Water Carnival Weekend Schedule

Friday Night 8/22, 7:00-11pm – Beach Entertainment & Lighting of the Lake 

There are two musical events going on Friday night. Everyone is invited to gather at the Stow Town Beach/Pine Bluffs Recreation Area for a campfire and music beginning on the beach by 7:00 pm by Paul Rogoshewski and friends who will perform until about 8:30 pm as the lake shoreline lights up.

Separately, the music boat will begin in the first (north) basin before dark at 7:30 pm, going around counter-clockwise and then into the second (southern) basin about 9:30 going counterclockwise.  All are invited to sit by the shore or use a boat, canoe or kayak (all must have lights) on the lake as the Lake Boon music boat passes by, featuring Itchy Onion.

Lake residents are encouraged to participate in “lighting of the lake” with small lights or luminaries (but not spot or flood lights please) along the shoreline. In case of bad weather the music boat may be postponed to Saturdaynight.  For info, call 978.562.2203 after 6 p.m. for a recorded message.

The music boat is sponsored in part by grants from the Cultural Councils of Stow and Hudson which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

Saturday 8/23, Water Carnival Beach Day:

Stow Town Beach/Pine Bluffs Recreation Area

  • 9:30 – Canoe races
  • 11:00 – Field races
  • 11:30 – 1:00 – Lunch
  • 12:30 – Entertainment—magician
  • 1:30 – Swimming races
  • 2:30 – Beach games

There will be face painting, balloon toss, pie eating contest, and much more. There will be prizes for many of the races. Bring a picnic or purchase lunch prepared by the Lake Boon Association. A variety of LBA T-shirts, beach bags and hats will also be available for purchase.

Saturday 8/23, 10:00 – 3:30  Lake Boon Artisans Fair, also at the Pine Bluffs Recreation Area, showcasing the artistic talents of your neighbors!  Plan to come, browse and shop for great gifts from local artisans.  [Artisans wishing to sell should contact Kris (978-430-4109) or Lynne (978-212-5269) soon to reserve space.]

Sunday 8/24, 10:30-12:00  Lake Boon Historical Boat Tour: a ride around the lake by pontoon boat with lore of the lake shared by Don Hawkes as compiled by Alan Katelle. The capacity is 10 people, first come, first served. To join the tour, contact Kent Seith at or 978-760-3483.

Sunday 8/24, 2:15 – 4:00  Annual Decorated Boat Parade: Boaters decorate their motor boats, kayaks or canoes with a theme of their choosing and compete for bragging rights and  trophies as they tour the lake and show off their creativity and humor.  Entrants in the boat parade will receive a pizza gift certificate provided by local pizza restaurants.  Shore parties are also in competition for their own award.  The parade begins at the First Basin Narrows Buoy at 2:15 pm, and continues counter-clockwise around the first (north) basin and then to the second (south) basin. Off-lake residents can view the boat parade at the Stow Town Beach about 2:30. Admission to the beach Sunday afternoon, the 24th is free.