Lighting of the lake is tomorrow! Come on down

It seems like everyone I talk to is fired up and making plans for the lighting of the lake tomorrow night!

Please see an earlier post for details but I wanted to remind everyone that a fire pit and LIVE MUSIC will be at the town beach so come on down (a great, free way to spend the evening with our without the kids). The lake community sends a special invite our to you non-lake folk to participate!

If you have a shore party – have fun and keep it safe! Remember, the band will play you a song if your shore is well-lit and they can see you having a party.

If you are following the band on the lake, please be extra cautious and stay IN BACK of the band and out of their way (they tend to back up a lot). And if you are in a canoe or kayak – PUT SOME LIGHTS ON your vessel. Also, there is no law against it but please – do not decide to go swimming near the band…in the dark… with a hundred boats with propellers tooling around – that is just asking for trouble. It is a great time and a lot of fun but it is also chaotic out there. Be careful, be safe and have fun!

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