Don’t have a septic issue this winter – pump now!

Dear Lake Boon residents,

Once again, the Lake Boon Association is sponsoring a discount septic pumping program this Fall. The program will run beginning the
week of November 5th. Deadline for sign up is Friday October 31st. Casaceli Trucking will be doing the pumping once again and pricing will remain the same as last year, resulting in a savings of approximately 27%. Hudson has enacted a $10.00 fee for the pump reports that are required by the State to be sent in. Therefore, Hudson residents will have an extra single $10.00 fee per address.

Due to the growing popularity of the program this pumping will be available only to the first 40 residents to respond. To register please email Brenda Mascari at lbaseptic@gmail.comwith your name, address and phone number, or call Dave Siewierski at 978-562-2203. The program is open to anyone living within the Lake Boon watershed or within a mile of the lake.

Since the inception of this program hundreds of tanks have been pumped at the discount price, saving money for individual homeowners
while preserving property values and helping reduce weed growth in the lake. The more frequently a system is pumped (recommendation every 1 – 2 years depending on family size), the longer it will last and work well. The LBA sponsors this program spring and fall each year, and so far Rich Casaceli continues to give us a lower price than other area companies for an excellent job!

Please spread the word to your neighbors on Lake Boon so we can continue to do everything we can to clean up the lake and keep our
septic systems running well.

Lake Boon Walkathon this Saturday (18th)!

Lake Boon Walkathon – Saturday, Oct 18 at noon, starting at Pine Bluffs Town Beach, Sudbury Road

Sponsored by the Lake Boon Association, the well-marked 5 mile loop walk around LakeBoon is a great opportunity to enjoy the fall colors and meet your neighbors. Plan to arrive before 11:45 for registration. Signs along the way identify historic sites and provide environmental information. All are welcome. Lake Boon T-shirts, hats and bags will be available for holiday shopping. Take care to wear bright colors for safety for the short sections on State and Sudbury Roads.



Lake Boon Drawdown

Form the LBC:

The lake will again be slowly lowered approximately one foot this winter (same as last year) to allow work around the shore line, flush nutrients out of the lake, and allow freezing of invasive plants around the periphery. The Stow Highway Dept will be removing the first board from the dam in the first weeks of October. Be sure you have your boat or floating dock where you need it before it gets too shallow to do so. We will try to notify you when the first board is actually removed.