A great day for a walk around the lake

walkathonstart2015A small but enthusiastic bunch of walkers turned out for the annual Lake Boon Walkathon on October 17. Here at the start are Tom Handrick, Dave Handrick, Barbara Clancy, Julie
Siftar, Dan Nicholson, Rosemarie O’Riorden, Sonya Nicholson, Celia
Nicholson, JT Toole, Alyson Toole, Shirley Daley, Diana Ladoux, and Pat Sorn. Most of the walkers did the whole route around the lake, with stops at water stations set up by neighbors (and at least one yard sale!). The Walkathon is a fundraiser for the Lake Boon Association and the entrance fee and tee-shirt sales help support association events through the year, including the end-of-summer Water Carnival.

Walkathon KatteleThe roughly five-mile walkathon route avoids main roads and apple-picking traffic as much as possible. Along the way are signs identifying various historically-significant spots from days gone by, including a toboggan run, roller rink, clubhouse, and public beach. Thanks this year to Dave Sieweirski and Dave Gray for putting up and taking down signs, to Honey Pot Hill Orchard for apples and cider, and to everyone who put out a water and/or snack stop along the way. Special thanks to Dan Nicholson for the water stop on Old County Road in memory of Alan Kattelle. Pictured above at the stop are Jule Siftar, Barbara Clancy, Shirley Daley, JT Toole, Alyson Toole, Celia Nicholson, Rosemarie O’Riorden, Sonia Nicholson, and Diana Ladoux.

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