Lost dog: update on Ollie

OllieUpdate, 4/10/2016: We’re happy to report that Ollie has been found and is back home with his folks!

On Monday, April 4, Ollie ran off from his home on Thicket Circle in the Wildwood development. Ollie weighs about 17 pounds, with a long tan coat. He looks like a small fox. He is very skittish. While he’s been seen on Barton Road, Pine Point Road, and Lakewood, he still hasn’t been caught.

As of Friday, his family started working with Mass Missing Dogs to set up traps for Ollie in the area, hoping to get him back home.

So if you see Ollie, please don’t feed him. If he’s hungry he’s more likely to go into the trap.

His family ask that if you see Ollie, please don’t go after him, but do let them know, so they know he’s still in the neighborhood. Please contact Marisa Pacileo at 617-818-7605 (cell), 978-212-5124 (home), or via email at mpacileo /at/nrsd dot net.

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