Lake Boon Commission meets Tuesday, August 2

The Lake Boon Commission will meet on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 beginning at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Building, 380 Great Road (Route 117), in Stow.


  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Public input
  • Planning to insure marking of docks and floats as required by rule 10 is done by all residents
  • Kris Krablin proposal for a rules subcommittee
  • Report of rules/Ch.90B enforcement to date by officer Heron and Environmental police
  • Guidelines for use of the Commission boat by Police (back-up) and LBC members
  • Winter storage/winterization and insurance of LBC boat, status of boat trailer
  • LBC policy/criteria for considering private buoy placement
  • Election of Chairman and Secretary
  • Scheduling of next meeting

ICYMI: Boston Globe article on well water testing

In case you missed it, this article in the Boston Globe highlighted the importance of regularly testing well water. Stow doesn’t have a public water system, and the quality of well water around the lake could not only be affected by corrosive water, but also by how close your well is to your septic system or to those of your neighbors.

Some takeaways from the article: Massachusetts is at greater risk than all but five other states from ground water that’s potentially corrosive enough to cause toxic metals in household pipes to leach into drinking water.

“‘Our findings suggest that people who use private wells for their water supply should really have their water tested at the tap,’ said Ken Belitz, the lead author of the report and the agency’s chief of ground water studies. ‘The more corrosive their water, the more likely they are to have lead in their water.’

“Naturally corrosive water isn’t dangerous to consume on its own. The danger comes when it reacts with pipes and plumbing fixtures in homes. Signs that metals have leached into water include bluish-green stains in sinks, a metallic taste, and small leaks in plumbing fixtures.

“On Cape Cod, where about 20 percent of homes draw water from private wells, local officials recommend that those residents flush their pipes before drinking the water by letting their faucets run for as much as five minutes, especially after the water hasn’t been used for several hours. ‘I advise folks to collect a gallon of water, after everyone has showered, and leave that in the refrigerator to drink for the day,’ said George Heufelder, director of Barnstable County’s Department of Health and Environment. ‘Given the risks, that’s prudent.’”

Join the Boat Parade


Lorraine O’Brien sent this picture of the “Persian Excursion,” her family’s entry in the 1960 parade.

There are fewer than six weeks until the Lake Boon Water Carnival and Boat Parade on Aug 28. Get your creative ideas going and plan to join the flotilla!

Boat decoration doesn’t have to be elaborate. A few flags, balloons, flowers, etc. on your boat can add a lot to the fun of the afternoon. The more the merrier!

Stow Selectmen to pick new Lake Boon Commission member

The Stow Board of Selectmen will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 12 in Stow at the Stow Town Building, 380 Great Road (Route 117).

The fifth item on the agenda is an interview of candidates for the vacancy on the Lake Boon Commission. The four candidates are Richard Cummings, Don Hawkes, Kris Krablin, and David Mitrou, and following the interviews there will be discussion and a vote on the appointment.

Here’s the full agenda, fyi:

1. Public input
2. Chairman’s comments
3. Meeting minutes
4. Discussion/vote with Finance Committee on Nashoba Regional School District Audit Advisory Committee representative appointment
5. Interview of candidates for Lake Boon Commission vacancy: Richard Cummings, Don Hawkes, Kris Krablin, David Mitrou and discussion/vote re: appointment to Lake Boon Commission
6. Discussion/vote to add Town Treasurer as a co-custodian for the Hale High School Trust, Randall Library Trust and the Randall Relief Fund
7. Discussion re: Town Bounds Perambulation
8. Discussion/vote to accept August 2016 Special Town Meeting Warrant
9. Discussion/vote re: Request for Proposals for Nonprofit Space at Fire Station/Community Center
10. Update re: Gleasondale Bridge
11. Discussion/vote re: Selectmen’s FY17 Committee Memberships & Liaison Assignments
12. Town Administrator’s report
13. Liaison reports
14. Correspondence
15. Adjournment

Is this yours?

isthisyours.jpgThis pink and blue float washed up in the narrows between the first and second basin more than a week ago. It’s ashore at 200 Barton Road on the sand bank next to the boat ramp, accessible by water or land.

Also the semi-deflated West Marine mini Zodiac-type boat that we posted about here has not yet been claimed. If it is yours please come and get it at the 16 Pine Point Road dock near the north end of the first basin.