Lost items: floating chair; two boxes and a bag


A floating chair like this but with slightly different colors was lost in last Sunday’s windstorm in the second basin. If found, please contact
Andreas Lymberopoulos at  andreas.lymberopoulos@gmail.com.

Note: The boxes reported missing have been found. We are glad to have this resolved without loss to a neighbor.

Also missing: On Tuesday, September 12, two boxes and a bag were removed from the front of a home at 42 Pine Point Road. The boxes belong to Sean Theall. They were a banana box and a small cardboard box, and the bag was a large white one from Home Goods.

The banana box was had clothes and pictures inside and some kitchen knives, a personalized bruins jersey, a white poets shirt, winter gloves, personal photos, scarves and a glassware set. In the cardboard box there were  shirts, cd’s and some DVDS. The bag contained a silverware organizier, coasters, silverware, soap dispensers, and dish towels. There was writing on the boxes: one said pictures and clothes box had clothes in it.

There is a $25 reward for the return of all these items.

The boxes disappeared around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Sean would appreciate whoever took them to return them ASAP.

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