Ari “Danger” Schultz

It’s with great sadness that we pass on a message from Ari Schultz’s family: Ari passed away on Friday night, peacefully, while listening to the Red Sox.

Ari’s sunny outlook in the face of every challenge was a true inspiration, along with his family’s determination to not just care for their own son, but to ensure that all families with children facing cardiac issues have care and support, and to encourage more people to enroll as organ donors.

Bill Conley reports that the Ari Danger Day planning team has been in touch with the Schultz family and have decided to alter their event on August 19th to be a celebration of Ari’s life. The fund raising aspect of the event will not change and all funds raised will go to the Schultz family either directly from the event or via the Greg Hill Foundation.

Our thoughts are with the Schultz family and friends.

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