Pictures and race results from this year’s Water Carnival

From music and a bonfire at the town beach to the Sunday boat parade, here’s some pictures of this year’s Water Carnival. Enjoy! Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a success. Results of the canoe, field, and beach races are below.


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Swim Races

Age 5 and under
First place: Lucas Valencia and Emmett Price
Second: Gabriel Shulman and Eden Barnett
Third: Cody Mellette and Logan Micallef

14 and under (girls):
First place: Cassie Hollister and Marina Schiering
Second: Landon Schiering and Sonia Nicholson
Third: Marlena Herbertz and Veronica Wells

14 and under (boys)
First place: Zach Mullen
Second: Eddie Gerecke

Over 14
First place: Rachel Belanger and David Belanger

50 Yard Dash

Age 5 and under
First place: Arianna Pucillo and Doug Tower
Second: Ben Tower and Andrew Pucillo
Third: Hazel Price and Emmett Price

6 years
First place: Mia Vuolo
Second: Eliza Weismer

8-10 years
First place: Emma Memont and Devin Smith
Second: Cassidy Laster and Brendan Smith
Third: Zoe Memont and Alex Pucillo

11-13 years
First place: Marina Schiering and Jasper Smith
Second: Allie Jones and Dayton Seith
Third: Sonia Nicholson and Sawyer O’Riorden

14 and up:
First place: Rosemarie O’Riorden and Jack O’Keefe
Second: Celia Nicholson and Eric Smith
Third: Amelia Parker and Graham Tower

Wheelbarrow Race

7 and under:
First Place: Eliza Weismer and Mia Vuolo
Second: Ariana and Andrew Pucillo

11 and under:
First Place: Sawyer O’Riordan and Duncan Laster
Second: Devin Smith and Tighe Pierson
Third: Cassie Hollister and Landon Schiering

14 and under:
First place: Tristan O’Riorden & Jasper Smith
Second: Mariah White & Amelia Parker
Third: Sofie Krodel & Maggie Pierson

14 and over
First Place: Eric Smith & Graham Tower
Second: Beth Krodel & Kara Herbertz
Third: Tied–Celia Nicholson & Rosemarie O’Riorden, Patti & Seth Weismer

Sack Race

7 and under
First place: Mia Vuolo
Second: Hazel Price
Third: Clara Salmone

11 and under
First place: Landon Schiering, Sawyer O’Riorden
Second: Marlena Herbertz, Devin Smith
Third: Callie Hollister, Tighe Pierson

14 and under
First Place: Marina Schiering, Tristan O’Riorden
Second: Sonia Nicholson, Jasper Smith
Third: Allie Jones

Over 14 Mix
First Place: Jack O’Keefe
Second: Baily Schiering
Third: Celia Nicholson

Three-legged Race

Under 7
First Place: Clara Salmone and Mia Vuolo

10 and Under
First Place: Tighe Pierson and Devin Smith
Second: Brennan Smith and Laird Krodel

First Place: Sawyer O’Riorden and Duncan Laster, Sonia Nicholson and Marina
Second: Dayton Seith and Michael St. Denis & Jasper Smith and Tristan O’Riorden
(boys tie), Veronica Wells and Allie Jones
Third: Mariah White and Amelia Parker

14 and over mix
First Place: Celia Nicholson and Rosemarie O’Riorden
Second: Nicole Parker and Dan Mattson
Third: Beth Kroden & Bryan Smith

Canoe Races

Race 1
First Place: Sonia Nicholson, Veronica Wells, Victoria White
Second Place: Landon Schiering, Cassie Hollister

Race 2
First Place: Sonia Nicholson, Veronica Wells, Allie Jones
Second: Landon Schiering, Cassie Hollister
Third: Victoria White, Marina Schiering

Boat Parade
The O’Riorden & Nicholson Families, MerMaids of Lake Boon
Josh, Anna & Wendy Kylick; Cheryl Wharf, Princess Diaries
The Grays: Aloha!
Kevin Cassidy: Solartanic

Shore Party
Rich and Diane Bleau


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