Sandals found

sandels at town beach2A pair of LL Bean children’s sandals were found at the beach. They look to be about the right size for a 5-year-old. Email Dave Gray at grayscale (at) earthlink (dot) net to claim them.


Found kayak

A nice looking kayak rigged up for fishing drifted ashore at 2 Parker Road. It looks like one that came in during the spring as well. It is along shore in the first basin at Parker Cottages. If someone want to claim it, they can call Brandon Parker at 978-758-4224.

Lost and found items

A Coach change holder was found around Lake Boon Drive. No id, just change. Please contact abbywheeler at yahoo dot com to claim. Also a bright yellow retractable dog leash was lost recently on North Shore Drive somewhere between #76 and Davis Road. If you found it, please call 978-567-9003 to return.