Water Carnival Weekend pictures and event results

The 2018 Lake Boon Water Carnival was a great success. The weather was excellent, including a moonlit Lighting of the Lake & Music Boat on Friday. Saturday featured fun, food, games, and a juggler at Pine Bluffs Recreation Area, and Sunday began with a three-boat history tour of the lake in the morning, and a flotilla of amazing entries for the Decorated Boat Parade on Sunday afternoon.

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The Boat Parade winners were:

  • 1st Prize: “Life is a Picnic,” by Amy Abeyta and Janet Robb
  • 2nd Prize: “Gilligan’s Island” by the Kotosky Family
  • 3rd Prize: “Bubble Bath” by Linda & Dick Gelpke
  • Best shore party: Bleau family and friends on Pine Point Road

Canoe Races:

Race 1: 

1st Roach & Capola, 2nd Vericay & Kate Capola, 3rd Alyssa Dalto, Molly Tobin, Ava Gregg

Race 2:

1st Max & Jill Valentino, 2nd tied Giada, Bris, Josh, 2nd tied Alyssa Dalto, Molly Tobin, Ava Gregg

Race 3:

1st Max & Jill Valentino, 2nd Zoe, Grace, David Hartnagel, 3rd Adam Chrumka, Veronica Wells

Field races:
50 yd Dash

4 & under, Girls: 1st Abby Pucilo

Boys: 1st Luke Koerner

5 – 7 Boys: 1st Emmet Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Ben Tower

5 – 7 Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo, 2nd Ariana Pucillo, 3rd Zoe Hartnagel

8 – 10 Boys: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Doug Tower, 3rd Liam Roach

8 – 10 Girls: 1st Jill Valentino, 2nd Emma Mermont, 3rd Cassidy Laster

11 – 13 Boys: 1st Sawyer O’Riorden, 2nd Elias Herbertz, 3rd Duncan Laster

11 – 13 Girls: 1st Marlena Herbertz

14 + Boys: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Adam Chrumka

14 + Girls: 1st Veronica Wells

Wheelbarrow Race

5 – 7 Girls & Boys: 1st Emmet Price & Aliza Weismer, 2nd tied Zoe & Gracie Hartnagel, 2nd tied Cara Salamone & Mia Vuolo, 3rd Kate Salamone & Ivy Callan

8 – 10 Girls & Boys: 1st Emma Memot & Jill Valentino, 2nd Cassidy Laster & Zoe Mermont, 3rd Liam Roach & Ashley Roach

11 – 13 Boys & Girls: 1st Sawyer O’Riorden & Duncan Laster, 2nd Marlena Herbertz & Veronica Wells, 3rd Trevor Amichetti & Landyn Schiering

14 + Boys & Girls: 1st Adam Chrumka & Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Veronica Wells & Sara Salamone, 3rd David Hartnagel & Dave Siewerski

Sack Race

4 & under Boys and Girls: 1st Abby Pucillo, 2nd Kate Salamone, 3rd Levi Vuolo

5-7 Boys: 1st Emett Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Brycen Roach

5-7 Girls: 1st Ava Korner, 2nd Mia Vuolo, 3rd Giada Coppola

8-10 Boys & Girls: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Jill Valentino, 3rd Liam Roach

11-13 Girls: 1st Landyn Schiering, 2nd Marlena Herbertz, 3rd Matt Leslie

14+ Boys & Girls: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Tim Koerner, 3rd David Hartnagel

3-Legged Race

Under 12 Boys & Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo/Carla Salamone, 2nd Hazel Price/Eliza Weismer, 3rd Zoe & Gracie Hartnell

13 & under Boys & Girls: 1st Hazel Price/Eliza Weismer, 2nd Giada Coppola/Ashley Roach, 3rd Marlena Herbertz/Landyn Schiering

14 + Boys & Girls: 1st Veronica Wells/Sonya Nicholson, 2nd Tristan O’Riorden/Adam Chrumka

100 yd. Dash

7 & under Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo, 2nd Zoe Hartnell, 3rd Eliza Weismer

7 & Under Boys: 1st Emett Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Ben Tower

8-10 Girls: 1st Jill Valentino, 2nd Emma Memont

8-10 Boys: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Doug Tower, 3rd Liam Roach

11-13 Girls: 1st Landyn Schiering, 2nd Marlena Herbertz

11-13 Boys: 1st Matthew Leslie

14 + Girls: 1st Theresa O’Riorden, 2nd Sonya Nichloson, 3rd Veronica Wells

14+ Boys: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Tim Corner, 3rd Adam Chrumka

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