Lake Boon water level to be lowered 

A notice from the Lake Boon Commission—the start of drawdown means that there are just a few more weeks to move boats, docks, or take other action at your waterfront while we’re at normal lake level (and before the cold weather gets here):    

In accordance with annual practice (in accordance with Conservation Commission Order of Conditions) of lowering the lake level in the fall, the first flash-board at the Barton Road dam will be removed on or about October 1, 2018. This should be followed by the sequential removal of additional boards at about ten-day intervals until the final 18″ winter lake level lowering is achieved. Should extraordinary rain be forecast in connection with any  storm, this schedule may be adjusted accordingly. Lake residents should take this information into consideration when scheduling removal of boats and/or shoreline repairs or clean-up.

Don Hawkes, LBC Chairman

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