Water Carnival Wrap-up

Not to make light of the challenges we incurred over our Water Carnival weekend, (EEE threat and potential cyanobacteria that shut down the beach) but we survived and thrived. There have been only two weekends in the past 20 years that we recall having to modify our plans due to mother nature.  You know you live in a great community that when faced with a challenge, people come out in full support.

Our evening started out with the annual Lighting of the Lake which was started years ago by Steve Katz, who was unfortunately taken from us too early in a motorcycle accident, but his spirit of bringing people together still inspires us today.  With slightly cooler temperatures, long sleeved shirts and plenty of bug spray, our evening went almost as planned until the power went out on Sudbury and Pine Point Roads as the music boat was passing the town beach and entering into the black-out area. Not knowing what was happening they continued to play on and finished up around 11:00 pm.

Our Saturday events were modified as well. With the beach closing we needed to cancel the canoe and swimming races. Our morning started off with the annual field races which brought out an influx of youth with an abundance of energy that stretched into the lunch hour with entertainment by Fran Flynn, magician extraordinaire. We managed to replace our usual swimming activities with a dunk tank of sorts and a sprinkler that was a hit with the kids. After all, what’s a Water Carnival without water?

After cooling off with some wet fun we went into our usual beach time activities up on the soccer field which included balloon toss, pie eating, and tug-of-war contests. We finished up a little earlier than usual but everyone left with smiles on their faces.

Our Sunday boat parade started out with ten specially crafted boats and floats to tour the entire lake waterfront for the entertainment of onlookers from the shore line. We had boats from the land of Oz, witches, Vikings, a rotating ferris wheel and also a blue-green algae cleaning machine—which we could have used before Saturday’s events!

As we wrapped up our weekend with the final event on Monday during quiet hours, we brought back the sailing regatta that hasn’t been run for 30+ years. With the impending rain we ran a couple of quick races with four boats and called the challenge with mother nature a success.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped pull this together, and to the community that came out to support us.

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