“Healthy Lake Boon” seeks volunteers

Do you want to volunteer to help make Lake Boon a healthier place?

The Lake Boon Association is organizing a working group to review some of the data and studies about Lake Boon, recommend solutions most likely to help, work with the governing bodies, and support successful implementation.

If you want to participate in whatever way you can, please confirm to David Gray at grayscale@earthlink.net.  We’ll accept volunteers anytime, but we’d appreciate a response by February 29.

We have plenty to do, and so much appreciate everyone’s help.  Please let us know if you have special interests or expertise.  Sample tasks are:

  • Review and summarize one of the lake studies (we have about a dozen)
  • Provide expertise in lake biology (several residents have this expertise)
  • Help prepare key recommendations
  • Collect data about the lake based on test kits, observations, etc.
  • Support recommendations during Stow and Hudson meetings…

    . . . and of course, do your own part to help take care of Lake Boon!

Dave Gray, Dave Siewierski and Dan Barstow have offered to get things rolling.

We call this effort “Healthy Lake Boon”.  I’m sure we can all get on board with that goal.


Dave G., Dave S., and Dan B.

Here’s more detail:

Lake Boon is such a wonderful lake, yet it faces several health-related issues such as invasive weeds, algae blooms and possible cyano-bacteria.

Over the past few decades, several studies have analyzed the nature and challenges of the lake, and recommended possible solutions.  We have implemented several of them, such as weed treatment, controlled drawdowns and enhanced road drainage.  Yet this past year, the lake had to be closed because of possibly dangerous bacteria, and the end of season surface algae across the lake reached historic levels.

Through a combined effort of Lake Boon Commission, Lake Boon Association, Stow and Nashoba Boards of Health, Hudson and Stow Conservation Commissions et al, we want to make sure we take the best next steps to care for the lake, have improved testing and communications, and otherwise do all we can to care for our wonderful lake.  We need to do this on an integrated “total lake management” approach that will connect the multiple factors and solutions.

LBA is taking the leadership role here, to collect and review previous studies, consider key recommendations, and propose solutions to the various ruling bodies in Stow and Hudson.  This would include possible changes in treatments, improved data collection where warranted, and better communications among the various agencies and Lake Boon residents.  LBA has already started a section on the LBA web site for water quality.

Fortunately, we have a wealth of volunteers to help—residents who are ready, willing and able to help collect data, review the most useful recent lake studies, and support actions we all may need to take for better stewardship of Lake Boon.

We’d like to have initial recommendations in time for this spring . . . coming up soon!

Thanks for volunteering!

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