Update: temporary delay on replacing boards

Update: A few people have requested that we delay refilling the lake a couple of weeks, to give time for spring cleanup etc.

After checking in with the Stow Conservation Commission, we will delay putting the boards in until the week of Mar 16.  We can’t put it off later than that, per the Order of Conditions.

The Lake Boon Commission reports that now that the ice is gone, the boards will be put back into the Barton Road dam, and the lake will start to refill.

The boards will go in sometime during the week of March 2 through March 6. It will then take a few weeks, depending on rainfall, to bring the lake back up to its usual height, expected by April 1.

The net rise will be about 14 inches.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan Barstow, Lake Boon Commission, at DanBarstow@gmail.com

The Lake Boon Commission will also do a standard phosphate measurement, as part of their monitoring of lake health.

Meanwhile you can do your bit too—here is one tip to help keep the lake water cleaner and help prevent overabundance of algae and weeds.


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