Lighting the lake for Covid-19 heroes

It has been suggested that Boonies may wish to join the symbolic international support of the heroes in this pandemic:  the doctors, nurses, EMTs and additional medical staff who serve us with very long, hard hours while risking their own health and that of their families. It would also be in appreciation for those working to keep our essential food and other supplies and services available, who are also at risk, and for our community where folks are performing acts of courage and kindness.

Our symbolic support could take the form of “lighting of the lake” on Friday evenings starting at 8:00 pm until bedtime, beginning today, April 10th as we are able, going on at least through May 1st.   For those who wish to participate, window candles and/or small holiday lights would seem appropriate, without overpowering flood or spot lights.

Those wanting to be in sync with other areas clapping in appreciation of our Covid-19 heroes should do so at 7 pm. However, the sun is setting around 7:20 pm these days so lighting around the lake won’t be visible until closer to 8 pm.

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