Fox in the area

From Stow Animal Control:

There have been numerous sightings of a fox with some mange and a gash on his thigh in the area of Wildlife Woods, North Shore Road and Hale Road. It is not showing any signs of rabies at this time. The recommendation is that if it can get around to feed itself, leave it alone. If it can’t forage for food or if it starts showing signs of rabies, contact Animal Control via the Stow Police at 978-897-4545.

Phyllis Tower
Animal Control Officer

And a neighbor adds:
If this poor fox has mange, that means that its feces will carry the parasite that causes mange. Therefore it would be imperative that nobody lets their domestic pets have access to the area and have contact with any of the fecal matter.

1 thought on “Fox in the area

  1. Well if the neighbors comment is correct, wouldn’t it be in the best interest of the neighborhood to capture it? Mange doesn’t just go away on it’s own.. 💔

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