Lake Boon Boat Parade Viewing and Voting Instructions

Let’s pull this together for a memorable boat parade beginning Sunday afternoon at 2:15 and for the 1st place winner to earn bragging rights, holding the coveted LBA traveling trophy for a year! In addition, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies to keep.

Sunday, Sept 6th boat parade entries must register at the first basin narrows buoy before 2:15 pm to be in the competition. From there, the parade will proceed around the first basin counter-clockwise and then into the second basin about 3:15 pm going counter-clockwise. Each boat will display a large size number for identification. Observers, be sure to remember your favorite boat’s number.

Vote for your favorite boat as soon as the entire flotilla has gone past you by texting to (650) 600 9016 with the 6-digit number corresponding the boat number below or go to to enter the 6-digit number. PRINT OUT THIS LIST OR KEEP THIS EMAIL ACCESSIBLE TO ENABLE YOU TO VOTE! All entries receive a local pizza shop gift certificate. The winners will be announced by email, on the LBA website and on FB by the end of the day.

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy creativity, humor, commaradie and fun with neighbors, at a safe distance! Thanks for your participation.

Boat Text
Boat #1 181986
Boat #2 181987
Boat #3 181988
Boat #4 181989
Boat #5 181990
Boat #6 181991
Boat #7 181992
Boat #8 181993
Boat #9 181994
Boat #10 181995
Boat #11 182000
Boat #12 182001
Boat #13 182002
Boat #14 182003
Boat #15 182004

(There may be fewer than 15 boats)

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