Lake Boon Drawdown will begin October 19

The fall Lake Boon drawdown, done each year, will begin with the removal of the first board at the Barton Road dam on about October 19, depending on weather. Lake residents should take this into consideration when scheduling removal of boats and/or shoreline repairs or clean-up.

The level will go down slowly over the subsequent few weeks, lowering 14 inches by mid-November. This is in accord with the Conservation Commission Superseding Order of Conditions.  

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dan Barstow ( of the Lake Boon Commission.

We know that some residents prefer the boards to come out sooner (to work on docks and retaining walls) and some prefer later (to enjoy fall weather in your boats). Please join us at the virtual LBC meeting, this Wednesday, October 7 at 7pm, to discuss the optimal date for future years, for the new permit currently in review.

We look forward to hearing from you.

1.    Public Comment
2.    Announcement re MVP Grant
3.    Meeting Minutes – Review/Approve
4.    Bills for Payment – Review/Approve
5.    2020 Drawdown Activities – Discussion/Decision
6.    New Drawdown NOI Status
7.    Buoys & Boat Removal/Storage
8.    Amended Hudson FY21 LBC Budget – Status
9.    Old Business
10.    New Business
11.    Date of Next Meeting
12.    Adjourn

To join the meeting, go to: Meeting ID: 933 430 9600     Password: LBC From your phone (audio only) you can also call 1-929-205-6099 and enter the Meeting ID (933 430 9600) followed by the # sign and password (486543)

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