Lake Boon Commission meets November 18

The Lake Boon Commission will meet on Wednesday, November 18, on Zoom. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. The agenda is below:

  1. Public Comment
  2. Meeting Minutes – Review/Approve
  3. Bills for Payment – Review/Approve
  4. 2020 Drawdown Activities – Update
  5. New Drawdown OOC’s
  6. Boat Maintenance & Winterizing – Discussion/Decision
  7. FY21 Budget (Operating & Warrant)– Discussion/Draft
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
  10. Date of Next Meeting
  11. Adjourn

Public participation is encouraged. Go to this page on the town of Stow official website to download the meeting agenda, available by clicking a link in the “Agendas” box at the lower right. The agenda contains a link to join on Zoom, as well as directions to call in if you prefer to join by phone.

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