Support the Healthy Lake Boon Initiative

If you have not done so and are able, please consider making a substantial donation to the Lake Boon Association to support the Healthy Lake Boon Initiative. Many of your neighbors have already done so and there is still time to obtain a 2020 deduction depending on your tax situation. The Initiative will provide:

  1. The required grant matching funds for the 2-year study of the lake to mitigate algae and weed growth among other issues.
  2. The preservation of most of Hallock Point in the 3rd and 4th basins as undeveloped conservation land.

This brochure provides more details.

You can also donate on our GoFundMe site, or by check made out to the Lake Boon Association and earmarked Healthy Lake Boon Initiative, sent to

LBA Treasurer
12 Pine Point Rd
Stow, MA 01775

If donating by check please indicate if you would like to have your name(s) listed on the GoFundMe site or to be Anonymous.

Thank you for your consideration, and happy new year!

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