Healthy Lake Boon update

The Healthy Lake Boon Initiative got started just over a year ago as concern arose over the 2019 closing of the Lake due to cyanobacteria blooms as well as general poor water quality. The Initiative is to take a comprehensive lake management approach to maintaining and improving the health of the Lake for the environment and for recreation.

Additional funds are still needed to achieve our goals. See the end of this email for how to donate.

Here is the Healthy Lake Boon progress so far:

  • Past lake studies have been reviewed and posted at
  • The LBA purchased an instrument to measure depth profiles of dissolved oxygen, temperature and conductivity (dissolved minerals) which has been used monthly, even through the ice!
  • The level/flowrate at the dam, rainfall and evaporation rates have been regularly monitored to develop an accurate hydrological model of the lake.
  • We have obtained a Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness grant to thoroughly study the lake to understand its dynamics and plan to mitigate climate change effects.
  • In a competitive bidding process we have accepted the proposal from Brown & Caldwell to provide the project consulting services and are contracting with a laboratory for water sample analyses.
  • We have hired a Citizen Science Coordinator to work with volunteers (that’s us!), possibly including students in Nashoba High School’s extracurricular Green Team and Hudson High School’s Earth Council, depending on their interest/availability.
  • We have established a successful fundraising campaign to provide the required grant private matching funds.
  • The opportunity to preserve Hallock Point arose during the year and it was decided to bundle both the private funding needs for the MVP grant and the Hallock Point conservation into the same campaign since both will help the health of the lake. See the attached brochure and

Next steps:

  • Confirm volunteer availability for water sampling and measurements based on earlier responses.
  • Work with our consultant and coordinator to begin volunteer training by Zoom and later in boats.
  • Work with our consultant to establish a project website with dashboard displaying measurement results and significance.
  • Continue fundraising.

If you are able and haven’t already done so, please consider contributing to the Lake Boon Association, earmarked Healthy Lake Boon Initiative…

by check sent to:
LBA Treasurer
12 Pine Point Rd
Stow, MA 01775

or through our GoFundMe site which includes additional information and photos accessible by scrolling at

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