Please donate for a Healthy Lake Boon

Fundraising for the Healthy Lake Boon lake study and Hallock Point preservation is going very well—we have just reached the $100,000 mark in gifts and pledges. We are coordinating with Stow Conservation Trust, which is helping take our message town wide and soliciting funds from their supporters as well.

We have just $68,000 to go in the final two months of the campaign. Together we can do this! If you haven’t already donated or want to donate again this year, please consider doing it NOW. This will show the important strong community support ahead of key town votes which will allocate Stow Community Preservation Act funds for conserving Hallock Point. The Community Preservation Committee has approved putting Community Preservation Funds toward the purchase of Hallock Point, but this must also be approved at Town Meeting in May.

April 27th – Stow Selectmen’s meeting will vote on exercise of the town’s right of first refusal to acquire Hallock Point. This is a necessary step in the process.

May 22nd – Stow Town Meeting must vote to purchase the property and allocate Community Preservation Funds toward the purchase.

Our goal is to have the private fundraising completed by Town Meeting so that voters can be assured that all the funds will be raised. Your tax-deductible contribution is strongly leveraged by CPA funds. Hudson resident contributions are even more strongly leveraged as they support using Stow CPA funds for a project which preserves much of the Hudson shoreline vista and the whole lake environment, especially the 3rd and 4th basins.

Donations can be mailed to:

Lake Boon Improvement Association / memo line: Healthy Lake Boon
c/o Treasurer
12 Pine Point Rd
Stow MA 01775

or given online at

For more information see this Healthy Lake Boon brochure.

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