Divers in the lake Saturday May 5

As a very important part of the Healthy Lake Boon project we are having divers collect a half dozen sediment core samples this Saturday, May 1st through the middle of the day at various locations in the 1st and 2nd basins. All boats must stay at least 100 ft away from the diving boat which will display the red and white divers flag.

The divers can bring their own boat but to save time and launching effort it would be helpful if someone on the lake could offer their own boat and pilot it for the duration. The boat would need to have low freeboard for ease of the diver getting back aboard, should have a fair amount of level deck space to lay out the equipment and samples, and the pilot should be fully vaccinated. Please reply to Dave Gray at grayscale@earthlink.net if you are willing and able to provide this valuable service for our lake community.

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