Herbicide treatment will be June 2, restrictions on lake use

TO: Property Owners / Abutters to – Lake Boon, Stow/Hudson, MA
FROM: SOLitude Lake Management
DATE: May 26, 2021
RE: Management of Aquatic Vegetation in Lake Boon

Please be advised that SOLitude Lake Management will be conducting an herbicide treatment to the aquatic vegetation in Lake Boon in Stow/Hudson, Massachusetts on June 2, 2021.

The use of the lake’s water in some areas of the lake will be restricted as follows:
Swimming, boating, and fishing –Until June 3, 2021 in basins 2, 3, 4
Livestock watering –Until June 3, 2021 in basins 2, 3, 4
Direct drinking –Until June 5, 2021 in basins 2, 3, 4
Irrigation – Until June 7, 2021 in basins 2, 3, 4

For specific water-use restrictions based on location, please refer to the treatment map [attached and] posted at http://www.lakeboon.org. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact SOLitude Lake Management at (508) 885-0101.

Almost there on fundraising

Terrific news for Healthy Lake Boon and Hallock Point fundraising!

We are within a few hundred dollars of reaching the fundraising goal. Our recent benefactor’s one to one funding match ends when we reach that goal but additional contributions will be greatly appreciated in future lake management efforts.

A HUGE thank you to all who contributed toward maintaining the beauty and health of this wonderful water body.

  • We have provided the $18K MVP project grant matching funds for the ongoing comprehensive study of the lake to understand much more of its ecology and how to manage it.
  • We have supported the Stow Town Meeting in voting Community Preservation funds for Hallock Point.
  • We have nearly raised the $150K private funding goal to support the Town of Stow purchase and preservation of Hallock Point as conservation land.
  • Contributions earmarked for Healthy Lake Boon beyond the goal will be directed toward the LBA Lake Management Fund which will likely be needed in the future to implement recommended actions coming out of the lake study.

Hallock Point and Healthy Lake Boon: more good news

In addition to Stow Town Meeting’s approval of Community Preservation funding its share of the plan, a benefactor has stepped forward to provide a one to one match of all contributions to the campaign this past week through June 30th or when the goal is reached, whichever occurs first!

This is the chance to double your help in pushing it to the final goal! To donate, visit the Healthy Lake Boon Initiative page at https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/the-healthy-lake-boon-initiative, or send a check to the Lake Boon Association, c/o Treasurer, 12 Pine Point Rd., Stow MA 01775, with Healthy Lake Boon Initiative on the memo line.

Celebrate Hallock Point conservation!

The Stow Town Meeting this afternoon overwhelmingly voted for the town to exercise its right of first refusal and purchase Hallock Point, now in MGL Chapter 61, with most of it to be preserved for conservation and passive recreation. It also approved Community Preservation Funds, making up a key portion of the purchase price!

Our sincere thanks go to all who are working so hard on logistics, real estate details, fundraising and of course, the many diverse donors bringing us close to our goal which made it attractive for the town to approve the CPA share. This is a key step toward supporting the health of the lake and wildlife as well as our enjoyment of them. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Lake Boon Commission meets May 24

The Lake Boon Commission will meet via Zoom at 7 p.m. on Monday, May 24, 2021. Agenda topics are:

  1. Public Comment
  2. Meeting Minutes – Review/Approve
  3. Bills for Payment – Review/Approve
  4. Solitude Weed Treatment – Review Plan
  5. Annual Summary Report to Conservation Commissions – Review/Approve
  6. LBC & HLBI Town Meeting Warrant Articles – Results/Discussion
  7. Capital Planning Discussion
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
  10. Date of Next Meeting
  11. Adjourn

For the Zoom link and dial in information for the meeting, please view or download the meeting agenda, which is available on the Lake Boon Commission page on the Town of Hudson website, here.

Votes needed at Stow Town Meeting to preserve Hallock Point and for a safer and cleaner lake

YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED! Lake Boon residents in Stow are urged to attend Town Meeting this Saturday, May 22 beginning at 9:00 am at Center School. Article 51 on the warrant is the authorization to provide the Community Preservation funding share to acquire Hallock Point as conservation land which we have been working diligently to support as part of our Healthy Lake Boon Initiative.

The warrant also includes articles for the funding for the water quality/aquatic weed herbicide treatment and police patrol to keep the lake safe. Stay for the entire meeting which will address many other important issues. The warrant is available at https://www.stow-ma.gov/home/news/2021-annual-town-meeting-warrant. Presentations should also be available shortly at https://www.stow-ma.gov.

This Town Meeting will be in-person, with indoor and outdoor seating options.

Lake issues to be voted on by Stow Town Meeting, May 22

Save the date!

Stow Boonies are urged to attend Stow Town Meeting on Saturday, May 22, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at Center School.

Among the warrant articles is the authorization to provide the Community Preservation funding share to acquire Hallock Point as conservation land which we want to support as part of our Healthy Lake Boon Initiative.

Town Meeting will also vote on articles for the funding for the water quality/aquatic weed herbicide treatment and police patrol to keep the lake safe. Stay for the entire meeting which will address many other important issues. Presentations will be available a week ahead of time at https://www.stow-ma.gov/.

Town Meeting will be in-person, with indoor and outdoor options. 

Stow Rec Department programs at Pine Bluffs this summer

The Stow Recreation Department is offering the following programs this summer at the Pine Bluffs Town Beach. Please observe the beach pass requirement to help pay for lifeguard supervision. Enjoy the lake! More programs are listed in the department’s May newsletter.

Register and pay for programs online.

The Pine Bluff Town Beach area will open Monday, June 14th. The town beach has lifeguard supervision from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily. Every person or family must obtain a beach pass before using the town beach. The beach pass
cost is as follows:

Season Pass:
Resident Family: $70.00
Resident Individual: $50.00
Senior Couple: $30.00
Individual Senior: $20.00
Non-Resident Family: $115.00
Non-Resident Individual: $75.00

Day Pass
Resident Family: $8.00
Resident Seniors Family: $2.00
Resident Individual: $5.00
Resident Senior Individual: $1.00

Non-resident’s day passes will not be sold. Non-Residents will have to purchase a season pass to use Pine Bluff Recreational Area. Groups of 6 or more people require a special permit, through the Stow Recreation Department.

Summer Art and Swim Program
The Stow Recreation Department Art & Swim program combines two of children’s favorite activities. The Art portion will teach children to express themselves in new and creative ways. They will be introduced to a variety of mediums like drawing, painting, and clay. Then they will have a chance to cool off and burn some energy in the lake before going home. Counselors and Lifeguard will be always on duty during swim time.
Ages: 5-12 years old
Dates: August 23 – August 27
Time: M-F 9:00am–1:00pm
Cost: $100.00 per child
Place: Pine Bluff Recreation Area
(In cases of bad weather, the program will be moved to the Stow Community Center)

AquaCize at Lake Boon
With Yvonne Grenon Benelli
This wonderful Water Fitness class offers a fantastic fun, re-energizing, total body workout for all ages and fitness levels. While enjoying fresh air and the beautiful surroundings of spring-fed Lake Boon, you can exercise with minimal stress to your joints. We are mainly sitting on noodles, so we have very little contact with the lake floor. If you prefer, you can wear water shoes. Water exercise naturally supplies cushioning & support; a safe, therapeutic, massaging effect as it stimulates circulation and connective tissue, too. Improve your cardiopulmonary system (heart and lungs); muscular strength and endurance; as well as flexibility, range of motion and balance! While focusing on good body alignment, you will improve posture, core strength, and decrease back tightness. Modify exercise & intensity to suit your personal needs. Pace yourself for a safe, yet challenging workout! You will leave class feeling great, stronger, more balanced, refreshed, and focused! Decrease body aches and stress, while clearing your mind and having fun! Come join the summer Water Workout! Noodles (supplied or bring your own) will be used for additional resistance and variety. No Beach Pass Required!

Yvonne Grenon Benelli has been a Fitness Instructor, designer and coordinator of many different exercise programs and facilities throughout New England, New York and abroad since the late 1970’s. She works with all ages and fitness levels in various exercise classes including current classes in AquaCize (pool and lake), Pilates, NouVon fitness, COA and Personal Training/ Privates. Yvonne has an M.S. in Clinical Exercise Physiology and a B.S. in Physical Education. She is Stott Pilates Trained and was an American Red Cross CPR Instructor for over 30 years.

When: 7- Week Sessions (Please note: dates subject to change due to weather, make-ups as well as group interest in additional classes in August!)

Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:00pm; June 15 – July 27
Thursdays 4:30 – 5:30pm; June 17 – July 29

Fee Options:

  1. BEST DISCOUNT OPTION: All Classes, All Tuesdays, and Thursdays for entire 7-week session: $120
  2. All Tuesdays OR All Thursdays: $70
  3. Drop-in: $15
    Note: These rates include beach fees for the day!
    To register: Please send an email to Yvonne at yvonnebenelli@gmail.com. Please include name, address, best phone number(s) and email address

Group rate septic pumping deadline is May 22

The Lake Boon Association is proud to be sponsoring the discount septic pumping program again this Spring. The program will run beginning the week of June 7th, and deadline for sign up is Saturday May 22nd.  To register please email David at lbaseptic@gmail.com or call Dave Siewierski at 978-562-2203 with your home address and best phone number to reach you.

This Spring we are requesting a donation to the Healthy Lake Boon Initiative Fund. We have currently raised $120,000 of our $168,000 Goal and would appreciate any and all contributions. If you have donated in 2020 please consider donating again in 2021. See https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/the-healthy-lake-boon-initiative

The discount septic pumping program is open to anyone living within the Lake Boon watershed or within a mile of the lake. Since the inception of this program many holding tanks have been pumped at the discount price, saving money for individual homeowners while preserving property values and preventing unnecessary phosphorus from entering the watershed.

The more frequently a system is pumped (recommendation every 1 – 2 years depending on family size), the longer it will last and work as designed. The LBA sponsors this program spring and fall each year, and so far Rich Casaceli continues to give us a lower price than other area companies for an excellent job!  Please spread the word to your neighbors on Lake Boon so we can continue to do everything we can to clean up the lake and keep our septic systems running well.

It’s not too late to support the Healthy Lake Boon Initiative

Let’s take action to protect our wonderful lake!

The Healthy Lake Boon Initiative is closing in on its fundraising goals, but still has a way to go. If you have not yet given to preserve Hallock Point and support lake monitoring, please do! If you have, please consider an additional donation.

You can read more about the initiative in this brochure:

Donations can be made online at the Initiative’s GoFundMe page: https://tinyurl.com/HealthyLakeBoon, or by sending a check to either the Lake Boon Association, c/o Treasurer, 12 Pine Point Road, Stow MA 01775, or to the Stow Conservation Trust, PO Box 397, Stow MA 01775. Please note “Healthy Lake Boon Initiative” on the memo line on your check.

Thank you!