Almost there on fundraising

Terrific news for Healthy Lake Boon and Hallock Point fundraising!

We are within a few hundred dollars of reaching the fundraising goal. Our recent benefactor’s one to one funding match ends when we reach that goal but additional contributions will be greatly appreciated in future lake management efforts.

A HUGE thank you to all who contributed toward maintaining the beauty and health of this wonderful water body.

  • We have provided the $18K MVP project grant matching funds for the ongoing comprehensive study of the lake to understand much more of its ecology and how to manage it.
  • We have supported the Stow Town Meeting in voting Community Preservation funds for Hallock Point.
  • We have nearly raised the $150K private funding goal to support the Town of Stow purchase and preservation of Hallock Point as conservation land.
  • Contributions earmarked for Healthy Lake Boon beyond the goal will be directed toward the LBA Lake Management Fund which will likely be needed in the future to implement recommended actions coming out of the lake study.

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