Lake Boon History Walk and Hudson Clean-up this weekend

October 16 is the day the Lake Boon History Walk takes place, but it’s also Hudson Clean-up Day. So why not do both? To participate in the Hudson Clean-up Day (Stow areas need it too), carry a trash bag during the walk. Neighbors who are willing, please leave your trash containers at the end of your driveway with the top open so walkers can drop off their bags when full and not have to carry them the entire way. The Highway Departments are NOT picking up bags.

The History Walk starts from the Stow Pine Bluffs/Town Beach on Sudbury Road. Registration begins at 11:30 am with step off at noon. Bring neighbors and friends to enjoy crisp air and fall colors during the 5-mile stroll or power walk around the lake.

Look for 20 posters along the route with historical photos and fascinating background of various sites of interest around the lake, including two train stops, steam and gasoline-powered ferries, a 21-room hotel and much more. Additional signs provide reminders of environmental issues that affect the lake and what we can do to protect it. A $5.00 donation to the LBA is requested. Richard Gelpke’s new 275-page Lake Boon History book, LBA shirts, hats and bags will also be available for purchase at the start.

Put on your comfortable walking shoes, wear bright clothing for safety and come on down!

4 thoughts on “Lake Boon History Walk and Hudson Clean-up this weekend

      • We’ve always started at the recreation area at Pine Bluffs on Sudbury Road with registration starting at 11:30 and the walk starting at 12 noon. But we’ll definitely be posting reminders here and to the email list so keep an eye out in case anything changes or if there’s a weather postponement.

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