The 2022 Lake Boon calendar: looking for some good photos, and get your order in asap

It’s not too late to reserve a 2022 Lake Boon calendar. And it’s also not too late to have your photos considered for publication if you have good spring or summer pictures, or pictures of lake wildlife.

The calendars will be similar to last year, with 8 x 11 photos. Plans are to offer the calendars for $20 each and have them available by Thanksgiving. If you plan (not a commitment) to purchase calendar(s), please email Dave Gray at asap with the number you might buy so we can estimate the quantity to order.

For photos, Dave can accept emails with less than 15 MB of attachments. If you have more than that, please use a file sharing application, USB flash memory or he may be able to provide a Dropbox link.

Photo selection priorities will include:

  • Quality—resolution, focus, clarity
  • Scenery, preferably identifiable as Lake Boon
  • Wildlife
  • Spring or summer subject matter–we have lots of great fall and winter shots
  • Uniqueness

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