Lake Boon calendar, history book, apparel for sale this Saturday afternoon

Neither rain nor snow nor gloomy weather will stop us from selling the 2022 Lake Boon Calendar, the Gelpke history book and LBA apparel (shirts, hats, bags) on Saturday, December 4 from 1:30-3:00 pm at 12 Pine Point Rd, Stow. Calendars and books are $20 each. There are some extra calendars if you didn’t make a reservation.

To whet your appetites, the list of calendar photographers who are represented is below. We had over 240 submissions, and want to give a hearty thanks to all who came through with amazing images of our beautiful lake. We just didn’t have enough months to show every one. Perhaps they can be used in a future LBA annual meeting slide show.

Cover photo credits, top left and clockwise:
Joyce Trenholme, Rachael Tadmore, Hank Tarbi, Pat O’Kane, David Mitrou, Red Alyward [should be Jeff Valpey], David Mitrou, David Gray.

Monthly Photo credits:
1-Brian & Kelley Smith, 2-Jennifer Burks, 3-Kim Sebastiao, 4-Kathy Sferra, 5-Marianne Wilkinson, 6-Michelle Walsh 7-Aaron Widell, 8-Cindy Cummings, 9-David Gray, 10-Steve O’Riorden, 11-Kalisa Barratt, 12-Marianne Wilkinson.

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