Herbicide treatment announced for April 27

This memo from SŌLitude Lake Management details the upcoming herbicide treatment. You can download a .pdf of the memo here.

Please be advised that SŌLitude Lake Management will be conducting an herbicide treatment to the aquatic vegetation in Lake Boon in Stow/Hudson, Massachusetts on April 27, 2022.

The use of the lake’s water in Basins 3 & 4 and in the Monahan’s and Hale Road Coves will be restricted as follows:

  • Swimming, boating, and fishing – Until April 28th
  • Livestock watering – Until April 28th
  • Direct drinking – Until April 28th (note that lake water should not normally be used for potable water in general)
  • Irrigation – Until July 28th

Additional follow-up applications of the herbicide will be conducted over the course of the summer and will be notified separately. Signs warning of the water use restrictions will be posted prior to treatment in the affected areas.

For more specific water-use restrictions based on location, please refer to the treatment map posted at www.lakeboon.org.

Please feel free to contact SŌLitude Lake Management at (508) 865-1000 with any questions.

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