Roadside cleanup and River Walk Work Day

Happy day after Earth Day! This weekend, take some time to enhance the environment, set a good example for our kids and grandkids, and carry out another part of our Healthy Lake Boon Initiative. Please help pick up trash along our roads to keep the neighborhood looking nice and prevent anything from blowing into the lake or clogging storm drains. You can put the accumulation with your normal trash pickup. Participants should wear gloves, long pants and long sleeves to help avoid poison ivy and bright clothes or a reflective vest for safety.

Those in Stow can also be part of the town-wide cleanup April 30th, signing up at the Lower Common (Shaw’s plaza) on Saturday morning. The Stow Cleanup Group will have yellow garbage bags available for pick up at no cost from 8 a.m. to noon. Bags can be put in your own trash can or left by the side of the road. The Stow Town Highway Department will pick up bags the following Monday.

In Hudson there is also a River Walk Work Day on Sunday, April 24th, 9 am to noon taking next steps in restoring the ecological health of the Assabet River’s banks in Downtown Hudson. Sponsored by the Hudson Conservation Commission, more details available at:

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