Healthy Lake Boon signs available

The Healthy Lake Boon team thanks the many volunteer citizen scientists who helped with our study of the health of the lake! Watershed residents should now have received a brochure summarizing our findings.

As evidenced by the return of algae blooms this summer we need to build and maintain awareness and action, which can be done partly by posting signs around the lake. There are three designs of signs.


  1. “Enjoy your lake home”
  2. “Enjoy our wonderful lake”
  3. “Enjoy your boat”

There are 50 of each, so pick your favorite. Send an email to:, with your address, and we’ll drop off the sign at your home to post anywhere on your property – street, lake front or wherever people will see it. We’re also putting signs at the boat launch and beach.

Thanks everyone for helping keep lake Boon healthy and beautiful!

P.S. – for the motorboaters among us, “No wakes within 150 ft of shore, swimmers, boats” is short-hand for “Please don’t generate sizable wakes within 150 ft of . . .”

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