2023 Lake Boon Photo Calendar info

We are planning for a 2023 Lake Boon Association wall calendar, 8 x 11″ with photos, similar to last year. They would again be $20 each and are planned for availability by Thanksgiving. If you plan (not a commitment) to purchase calendar(s), please respond to this email before Nov 1st with the number you might buy so we can estimate the quantity to order and place you on a priority list. Proceeds benefit the Lake Boon Association.

Attention Boonie Paparazzi! If you have high quality photo(s) taken on or near Lake Boon and would be willing to donate their use to be considered for the LBA calendar, please send them to Dave Gray before November 1. Dave can accept emails with less than 15 MB of attachments. If you have more than that, please use a file sharing application, send in separate emails or provide a USB flash memory stick. We do have a number of very good sunset photos already.

Photo selection priorities include:

  • Quality—resolution, focus, clarity
  • Scenery, preferably identifiable as Lake Boon
  • Wildlife
  • Recreation
  • Seasonally appropriate for each month of the year
  • Uniqueness

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