Going up! Lake Boon level that is…

With longer, warmer days and the ice essentially gone, plans are for the Highway Depart to replace the boards in the outfall at the dam next week. The lake level will rise gradually about 14″ over the next 3 to 4 weeks, depending on precipitation and ground thawing.

  • Be sure to secure any docks, floats, boats, etc. that have been left at water’s edge.
  • Take advantage of the last chance to do any waterfront and dock maintenance at the low level.
  • Rake any leaves away from the shoreline and compost them further away to reduce this source of nutrients that feed aquatic weeds and algae later in the season.
  • Enjoy keeping a lookout for migrating waterfowl: mergansers, buffleheads, etc. which may be underwater at first glance.

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