A reminder…

It’s never too early for lake-friendly lawncare! Remember, the Lake Boon Association discourages fertilizing lawns and gardens near the lake. Phosphorus in particular is the nutrient most responsible for algae blooms and vigorous aquatic weed growth later in the season. If you feel you must use fertilizer, make an effort to select no, or very low, phosphorus content. Fertilizer nutrient % concentrations are always identified in the order N-P-K for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium though it is often in the fine print. Look for zero as the middle number. Phosphorus is not needed to sustain a green lawn.

If you have a landscape service applying fertilizer, specify a no phosphorus formulation and to stay well away from any waterfront runoff area. It’s all too easy for landscapers to apply their one-size-fits-all chemicals that they use in yards away from water bodies. If they cannot provide a very low or no phosphorus fertilizer it may be time to look for another service.

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