Waterfront concert August 22

Come join the band Hard Knox on the water for music on Lake Boon, Sunday, August 22 from 3 to 5 p.m. at 82 Pine Point Road (near the Barton Road dam).

Hard Knox, featuring Pine Point resident Kirk Westphal (who is also directing the Healthy Lake Boon study), was born of the pandemic in the Berkshire Foothills, along the road that General Knox used to haul cannon during the Revolution.

The band plays familiar rock, blues, and folk songs from the ’60s through ’90s. You’ll know the words and they always have an extra mic if people want to join in for a song or two.

Donations will be collected for the Lake Boon Association for the betterment of our lake.

Rain forecast prompts board removal from dam

Dear Lake Boon residents,

We decided to temporarily remove a board from the dam, because of the extended rain these past few weeks and additional rain anticipated with hurricane Elsa.

There is no real emergency, but the level was anticipated to reach 2” above normal.

So, the Highway Dept removed a board this morning, and will put it back in early next week, as the level returns to normal.

Dan Barstow
Lake Boon Commission

Salute Lee Heron this Sunday in a “cruise-by” past the Pine Bluffs Town Beach

To express our appreciation to Lee Heron for his many years of service to the Lake Boon community, those who are able are urged to come by boat to the Basin 1 narrows buoy on Sunday at 2:15 pm (quiet hours) and from there we will proceed past the town beach where Lee is expected. Those interested can continue around the first basin and the rest of the lake as a 4th of July boat parade. Fly flags, festive banners, etc. to enhance the occaision.

Consider making a large banner:
Thanks Lee!
Happy retirement Lee!
For Lee’s a jolly good fellow!

Lee Heron retires from Stow Police Department

We want to express our appreciation to Lee Heron for his many years of service patrolling Lake Boon, training additional officers and serving as a Lake Boon Commissioner to help keep our community safe. Lee had extensive experience and specialized training on boat handling and safety that supplemented his law enforcement knowledge–all available to respond to the situations we Boonies get ourselves into!

Lost parrots

Two red fronted macaws mistakenly took flight yesterday afternoon from their home on the Hudson side of the second basin. The female, named Jojo, flew across the lake to the Stow side and was located in a tree. The male, named Milo, is somewhere on the Hudson side of the second basin.

If you see or hear these birds please call Joanne immediately at 503-277-8344.

Shallow well water samples needed

If you have a shallow well (less than 25 ft deep) near the lake, you have an opportunity to help the Healthy Lake Boon Project. Your water could provide valuable data about the composition of ground water moving toward the lake in your area.

A Healthy Lake Boon volunteer would simply take a sample of your well water before treatment and have it analyzed at no cost to you. This would give you the benefit of test results and give the project the benefit of groundwater data. Results would be used only for the project and shared with you.

Please contact David Gray at grayscale@earthlink.net or 781-856-5158 if your well qualifies and you would like to participate. Also include estimates of the depth of the well and its distance from the lake as well as your address. We will then coordinate a date to gather samples.