Gleasondale Bridge meeting

Boonies wishing to know more about the status of the Route 62 bridge construction in Gleasondale can come to an update meeting with Rep. Kate Hogan, Mass Department of Transportation staff, and Stow town officials. The meeting will take place at the Pompositticut Community Center, 509 Great Road, in Stow this Thursday, October 20th at 8:00 a.m.

RSVP to Rep. Hogan’s office by emailing


Lake Boon water level to be lowered 

A notice from the Lake Boon Commission—the start of drawdown means that there are just a few more weeks to move boats, docks, or take other action at your waterfront while we’re at normal lake level (and before the cold weather gets here):    

In accordance with annual practice (in accordance with Conservation Commission Order of Conditions) of lowering the lake level in the fall, the first flash-board at the Barton Road dam will be removed on or about October 1, 2018. This should be followed by the sequential removal of additional boards at about ten-day intervals until the final 18″ winter lake level lowering is achieved. Should extraordinary rain be forecast in connection with any  storm, this schedule may be adjusted accordingly. Lake residents should take this information into consideration when scheduling removal of boats and/or shoreline repairs or clean-up.

Don Hawkes, LBC Chairman

Water Carnival Weekend pictures and event results

The 2018 Lake Boon Water Carnival was a great success. The weather was excellent, including a moonlit Lighting of the Lake & Music Boat on Friday. Saturday featured fun, food, games, and a juggler at Pine Bluffs Recreation Area, and Sunday began with a three-boat history tour of the lake in the morning, and a flotilla of amazing entries for the Decorated Boat Parade on Sunday afternoon.

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The Boat Parade winners were:

  • 1st Prize: “Life is a Picnic,” by Amy Abeyta and Janet Robb
  • 2nd Prize: “Gilligan’s Island” by the Kotosky Family
  • 3rd Prize: “Bubble Bath” by Linda & Dick Gelpke
  • Best shore party: Bleau family and friends on Pine Point Road

Canoe Races:

Race 1: 

1st Roach & Capola, 2nd Vericay & Kate Capola, 3rd Alyssa Dalto, Molly Tobin, Ava Gregg

Race 2:

1st Max & Jill Valentino, 2nd tied Giada, Bris, Josh, 2nd tied Alyssa Dalto, Molly Tobin, Ava Gregg

Race 3:

1st Max & Jill Valentino, 2nd Zoe, Grace, David Hartnagel, 3rd Adam Chrumka, Veronica Wells

Field races:
50 yd Dash

4 & under, Girls: 1st Abby Pucilo

Boys: 1st Luke Koerner

5 – 7 Boys: 1st Emmet Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Ben Tower

5 – 7 Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo, 2nd Ariana Pucillo, 3rd Zoe Hartnagel

8 – 10 Boys: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Doug Tower, 3rd Liam Roach

8 – 10 Girls: 1st Jill Valentino, 2nd Emma Mermont, 3rd Cassidy Laster

11 – 13 Boys: 1st Sawyer O’Riorden, 2nd Elias Herbertz, 3rd Duncan Laster

11 – 13 Girls: 1st Marlena Herbertz

14 + Boys: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Adam Chrumka

14 + Girls: 1st Veronica Wells

Wheelbarrow Race

5 – 7 Girls & Boys: 1st Emmet Price & Aliza Weismer, 2nd tied Zoe & Gracie Hartnagel, 2nd tied Cara Salamone & Mia Vuolo, 3rd Kate Salamone & Ivy Callan

8 – 10 Girls & Boys: 1st Emma Memot & Jill Valentino, 2nd Cassidy Laster & Zoe Mermont, 3rd Liam Roach & Ashley Roach

11 – 13 Boys & Girls: 1st Sawyer O’Riorden & Duncan Laster, 2nd Marlena Herbertz & Veronica Wells, 3rd Trevor Amichetti & Landyn Schiering

14 + Boys & Girls: 1st Adam Chrumka & Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Veronica Wells & Sara Salamone, 3rd David Hartnagel & Dave Siewerski

Sack Race

4 & under Boys and Girls: 1st Abby Pucillo, 2nd Kate Salamone, 3rd Levi Vuolo

5-7 Boys: 1st Emett Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Brycen Roach

5-7 Girls: 1st Ava Korner, 2nd Mia Vuolo, 3rd Giada Coppola

8-10 Boys & Girls: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Jill Valentino, 3rd Liam Roach

11-13 Girls: 1st Landyn Schiering, 2nd Marlena Herbertz, 3rd Matt Leslie

14+ Boys & Girls: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Tim Koerner, 3rd David Hartnagel

3-Legged Race

Under 12 Boys & Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo/Carla Salamone, 2nd Hazel Price/Eliza Weismer, 3rd Zoe & Gracie Hartnell

13 & under Boys & Girls: 1st Hazel Price/Eliza Weismer, 2nd Giada Coppola/Ashley Roach, 3rd Marlena Herbertz/Landyn Schiering

14 + Boys & Girls: 1st Veronica Wells/Sonya Nicholson, 2nd Tristan O’Riorden/Adam Chrumka

100 yd. Dash

7 & under Girls: 1st Mia Vuolo, 2nd Zoe Hartnell, 3rd Eliza Weismer

7 & Under Boys: 1st Emett Price, 2nd Andrew Pucillo, 3rd Ben Tower

8-10 Girls: 1st Jill Valentino, 2nd Emma Memont

8-10 Boys: 1st Alex Pucillo, 2nd Doug Tower, 3rd Liam Roach

11-13 Girls: 1st Landyn Schiering, 2nd Marlena Herbertz

11-13 Boys: 1st Matthew Leslie

14 + Girls: 1st Theresa O’Riorden, 2nd Sonya Nichloson, 3rd Veronica Wells

14+ Boys: 1st Tristan O’Riorden, 2nd Tim Corner, 3rd Adam Chrumka

Water Carnival schedule of events: Updated as of August 22

cjafdnaheleehgakGet your lights and boat float decorations ready!

We have secured excellent weather plus a near full-moon for the weekend so enjoy these events safely! In the unlikely event of rain postponement of the Music Boat call 978-562-2203 or check back at this site.

The Annual Water Carnival Weekend sponsored by the Lake Boon Association will be held from Friday evening, August 24th to Sunday afternoon, August 26th. Activities are held at the Town Beach/Pine Bluffs Recreation Area off Sudbury Road in Stow. Events are open and free of charge to Stow and Hudson residents. The Association offers these events in appreciation for the many friends who support the organization’s environmental, educational and civic programs during the year.

The Lake Boon Water Carnival is a 100-year old tradition, beginning shortly after Lake Boon became a summer destination for Boston area vacationers. It provides old fashioned summer entertainment for all ages, carrying on many events similar to those held at the end of the summer season in the early 1900s.

Water Carnival Weekend Activities include:

Friday Night 8/24, 7:30-9:30 pm – Sunset at the Beach

Enjoy the sunset at Pine Bluffs Stow Town Beach, roast marshmallows and watch for the music boat about 8:00.

Friday Night 8/24, 7:30-11 pm – Music Boat & Lighting of the Lake

The music boat will begin in the first (north) basin at 7:30 pm, going around counter-clockwise and then into the second (south) basin about 9:15 going counterclockwise. All are invited to sit by the shore or go out in a boat, canoe or kayak (all must have lights) as the Lake Boon music boat passes by, featuring the Dwayne Haggins Band performing country-blues-rock. The music boat may be viewed at the Stow Town Beach/Pine Bluffs Recreation Area about 8:00.

Lake residents are encouraged to participate in “lighting of the lake” with small lights or luminaries (but not bright flood lights please) along the shoreline. In case of bad weather the music boat may be postponed to Saturday night–call 978.562.2203 after 6 p.m. for a recorded message.

Saturday 8/25, Water Carnival Beach Day:

Stow Town Beach/Pine Bluffs Recreation Area

9:30 – Canoe races

10:45 – Field races

11:30 – 1:00 – Lunch

12:30 – Children’s entertainment with a juggler

1:30 – Swimming races

2:30 – Beach games

Prizes are awarded for many of the races. There will be face painting, balloon toss, pie eating contests, and much more. Bring a picnic or purchase a grilled lunch prepared by the Lake Boon Association. A variety of LBA T-shirts, bags and lake history books will also be available for purchase.

Sunday 8/26, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Historical Lake Tour: Residents are invited to join Richard Gelpke aboard a pontoon boat for a slow cruise around the lake, pointing out the famous and infamous highlights of Lake Boon’s past and present. Adults 18 and older wishing to join the cruise must make a reservation with Dave Gray at 978-781-5158, Departure point: Town beach dock. If it’s hot, bring drinking water.

fhnengjidhljapdjSunday 8/26, 2:15 pm – 4:00 pm Annual Decorated Boat Parade: Decorate your motor boat, kayak or canoe with a theme of your choosing as you tour the lake, sharing creativity and humor with those on shore. Compete for the coveted traveling Grand Prize Trophy with bragging rights for the year.

If you need to be towed, motor boat entries can accommodate but advance planning is recommended. NOTE: an effort will be made this year to run the parade at a slower pace to enable paddle and electric motor powered entries to keep up. Entrants in the boat parade will receive one coupon per entry for one LBA T-shirt or bag, plus a local pizza restaurant gift certificate and are also invited to the party in the narrows after the parade. Shore parties are also in competition for their own award, gauged by the loudest applause heard by parade boats. The parade begins at the First Basin Narrows Buoy with registration by 2:15 pm, and continues counter-clockwise around the first (north) basin and then to the second (south) basin. Off-lake residents and those in basins 3 and 4 can view the boat parade at the Stow Town Beach about 2:30.

Admission to the beach, both Saturday and Sunday, is free and this is a great opportunity to see the many improvements that have been made there by the Stow Recreation Commission. We want to thank our past supporters including Main Street Pizza, Honey Pot Hill Orchard, Stow House of Pizza, Brothers Pizza, CJ’s of Hudson and Sudbury and the Lake Boone Ice Company.

The Lake Boon Association is a non-profit organization incorporated since 1921, addressing civic and environmental needs of nearly 500 households around Lake Boon.