Membership & Officers

Membership in the Lake Boon Association is open to any persons who are permanent or summer residents or owners of property around Lake Boon or any other interested parties.

Although originally founded, to emphasize recreational activities, the LBA’s emphasis has been modified to include the environment. Toward that end, we’ve organized fundraising, recreational and educational activities, including walkathons, raffles, dances, the annual Water Carnival and Boat Parade, Music Boat and lighting of the lake, other concerts and flea markets. The educational activities have been directed toward understanding issues with water quality and invasive-nuisance weed control, and defining “Do’s and Don’ts” actions that individual lake households can take to help minimize deterioration of lake quality.

In order to voice your opinion on these activities you are urged to join the LBA. For membership information, please contact Dave Gray, Treasurer. His contact info is below.

Officers are elected at the annual meeting, held in the spring. Directors are also elected, or can be appointed by the President, for an annual term.

Officers elected at 2017 Annual Meeting

Dave Siewierski
178 Barton Road
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-2203

Vice President
Dan Nicholson
281 Sudbury Rd
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-0237

Dave Gray
12 Pine Point Road
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-6843

Kevin Hunt
67 Hunter Ave
Hudson, MA 01749
(617) 388-1344

Kent Seith
11 Hale Rd.
Stow, MA 01775

Pat Sorn
174 Barton Rd
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-3466

Barbara Clancy
201 Barton Rd.
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-1378

Lew Halprin
82 Pine Point Rd.
Stow, MA 01775
(978) 562-9839

Gazette & Website editor: Barbara Clancy, 201 Barton Rd., Stow, MA 01775 (978) 562-1378 –

Historian – Vacant

Map Maker – Vacant

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