Found sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses in a case were found in the middle of the intersection of West Street and Hunter Avenue on Tuesday morning, probably dropped during the overnight rain. The finder is happy to return them to the owner who can identify them.  Contact: Kevin Hunt at kevinc.hunt at gmail dot com.

Frankly, my dear, I do give a dam

“Dams—Dams, Where are the Dams?” Come to a presentation by Richard Gelpke and find out. Richard will give the first of three Lake Boon history presentations on Thursday, June 22 at 7:00 pm at the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 680 Hudson Road Sudbury.

Professor Gelpke is a very entertaining and informative speaker with graphics and historic photos that provide a fascinating historic background of our neighborhoods.

The three talks are updates of earlier presentations and are sponsored by the Lake Boon Association. Look for announcements of the next two talks, which will be held on Thursday nights in July and August, on this site and on the Lake Boon email list.

Retaining wall material available

20170611_055710c.jpgAndy Pollock has 50 -60 pieces of vinyl retaining wall material available for the taking at 16 Lyman Road in Hudson. These can be used to build a rugged, permanent lakefront retaining wall. You can email Andy for more information at andyph61 at gmail dot com.

The picture below gives you an idea of the look of the finished product. Note that this offer also went out on the Lake Boon email list yesterday, so it’s possible that the material has already been spoken for. Leave a message if you would like to be on the list and we’ll sign you up.


Lake Boon Commission meeting video online

The Stow TV video of the May 25 Lake Boon Commission Meeting is now available on YouTube. This link starts with discussion of the dam status but you can rewind to see the entire meeting. Watch it online here.

Also note that Stow TV is seeking an Access Coordinator to work 15 hours per week. A link to the full job description is at

The job involves planning, creating and publicizing program schedules, creating public service announcements, maintaining social media, reformatting and uploading video files, video editing and recording, and other tasks as assigned.

If interested, contact Anne VanTine at

Safety enforcement will be a priority this season

At the Lake Boon Association annual meeting May 21, the Police Patrol update indicated that more attention will be paid to enforcement of both State and Lake Boon safety regulations on the lake this year, beginning June 30. Of special concern:

Waterfronts must be identified with address (preferably) and/or name, prominently visible from the lake (preferably year-round), using contrasting color lettering at least 3 inches in height. This is a safety issue because emergency services may be called in from someone on the water (or ice), and first responders need to know the address, whether arriving by vehicle or by boat.

Docks must be functional, in good repair and visible above water. Failing, submerged or loose-floating docks are a significant hazard to boaters and swimmers.

Paddleboarders must have life jackets at all times. Following the same rules as other craft, they must be worn between Sept 15 and May 15.

Speed must not exceed 45 mph and will be checked by radar on the lake.

Personal watercraft have special restrictions including required wearing of life jackets at all times, no use at night, no towing and specific operator age restrictions.

We were reminded that a boat owner is liable for any infringement any operator of their boat commits, including damage cause by wakes. Also, operating a boat under the influence will apply to one’s driving record the same as a DUI.

Lake Boon rules are on the LBA website

Massachusetts boating laws can be found at: