Safety regulation reminder

The great weather brought out boaters and the Stow Police this past weekend. The police gave out eight warnings for not carrying life jackets on kayaks or paddle boards and for speeding in the narrows and during quiet hours. Let’s be safe and considerate out there!

You and your guests need to be aware and adhere to Lake Boon Rules and Mass State Law: In some cases of safe boating distance, more restrictive state laws take precedence over Lake Boon rules which are in the process of revision.

Mass laws are available in a more readable form at

From page 53 of that handbook, key state laws include:

◊ Motorboats may not be operated

  • Within 150 feet of shorelines used as swimming areas
  • Within 75 feet of floats or markers that designate swimming areas

◊ At a rate of speed that creates a wake that causes damage, injury, or excessive rocking to other vessels, rafts, or floats

◊ At more than “headway speed” under any of the following conditions:

  • From 150 to 300 feet of shorelines used as swimming areas
  • Within 150 feet of marinas, ramps, rafts, or floats
  • Within 150 feet of swimmers

Herbicide treatment scheduled for Wednesday, June 5


SOLitude Lake Management will be conducting an herbicide treatment to the aquatic vegetation in Lake Boon in Stow/Hudson, Massachusetts on June 5, 2019.

The use of the lake’s water in some areas of the lake will be restricted as follows:

Swimming, boating, and fishing: Until June 6, 2019 in basins 2, 3, 4

Livestock watering: Until June 6, 2019 in basins 2, 3, 4

Direct drinking: Until June 8, 2019 in basins 2, 3, 4

Irrigation: Until June 8, 2019 in basins 2 and until further notice in basins 3 and 4

For specific water-use restrictions based on location, please refer to the treatment map at this link: BoonLk19_restrictions-compressed

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact SOLitude Lake Management at (508) 885-0101.

Lake Boon Commission meets May 2

The Lake Boon Commission will meet on Thursday, May 2 at 6 p.m. in the Stow Town Building, 380 Great Road (Route 117) in Stow.

On the agenda:

  • Public Comment
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Pay Bills
  • Discuss/vote to approve new Solitude lake weed treatment contract.
  • Discuss/vote to recommend to Selectmen Rec. Comm. request for boat rental at Pine Bluffs
  • Discuss presentation of LBC recommended rules changes at Stow Town Meeting
  • New Business for next meeting
  • Date of next meeting
  • Adjourn

Updated! Time for Spring roadside cleaning

More info: 

Both Hudson and Stow have town-wide cleanup days scheduled for this coming weekend:

For the Hudson event, visit:

For Stow, visit:

Happy Earth Day!  In the next week let’s pick up the debris accumulated during the winter along the roads in our neighborhoods and put it out with our residential trash.  Also, this Saturday, April 27, is the annual Stow town-wide cleanup day so Stow residents can register and obtain free designated yellow bags and gloves at the lower common from 8 am to 12 noon, and the highway department will pick up the bags the following Monday if they are left along major roads. Be sure to wear bright colored clothing for safety. Many thanks for your participation!