Lake Boon algae update

Early this morning algae blooms were observed by neighbors in several places around the lake, often in windward shallow coves. A board of health representative observed at 7 a.m. this morning that the Pine Bluffs Town Beach still had excessive algae to a degree that it should remain closed and wasn’t even worth testing until Monday.

By the time an unofficial quick LBA test could be made at 11 a.m. most of the blooms were more diffuse due to wind and waves. Nevertheless, a sample taken then at the east end of the second basin in front of Hale Road showed cyanotoxins still present. Therefore residents should be wary of any algae blooms or places where they have been in the last day or so. Again, small children and dogs are especially vulnerable as they are more likely to ingest the water. Entertaining small children in the heat may better be done with a well water fed sprinkler.

Healthy Lake Boon signs available

The Healthy Lake Boon team thanks the many volunteer citizen scientists who helped with our study of the health of the lake! Watershed residents should now have received a brochure summarizing our findings.

As evidenced by the return of algae blooms this summer we need to build and maintain awareness and action, which can be done partly by posting signs around the lake. There are three designs of signs.


  1. “Enjoy your lake home”
  2. “Enjoy our wonderful lake”
  3. “Enjoy your boat”

There are 50 of each, so pick your favorite. Send an email to:, with your address, and we’ll drop off the sign at your home to post anywhere on your property – street, lake front or wherever people will see it. We’re also putting signs at the boat launch and beach.

Thanks everyone for helping keep lake Boon healthy and beautiful!

P.S. – for the motorboaters among us, “No wakes within 150 ft of shore, swimmers, boats” is short-hand for “Please don’t generate sizable wakes within 150 ft of . . .”

Algae bloom – Stow Town Beach closed

Due to a dense brown-black algae bloom accumulated at the town beach this morning, it has been closed to swimming. An unofficial Blue-Green rapid test this noon showed that cyanotoxins are likely present in that area. The Stow Board of Health will be doing further testing. Be on the lookout for and avoid algae blooms in your area of the lake if considering swimming. This especially applies to young children and dogs, which are very likely to ingest water and could get very sick. See and save the Massachusetts Department of Public Health bulletin at the end of this post for more information. 

We are likely to have more algae blooms occur this year with the high temperatures and drought conditions. If you see a bloom in your area please take a photo and email it along with notes on the date, time, location, extent, approx wind speed/direction, etc. to The Lake Boon Association will attempt to keep Boonies informed of changing conditions. The LBA cannot say when or where it is safe to swim. It can only help enable individuals to make better informed decisions.

If you have neighbors who are not on-line for these notices, please make them aware of the potential hazards going forward.

Remember that the long term solution to reducing the frequency of algae blooms is to reduce phosphorus entering the lake from fertilizers, poorly maintained septic systems, pet waste, dish washing and car washing detergents, etc.

Herbicide booster treatment planned for July 14

The following is a memorandum from SŌLitude Lake Management:

TO: Property Owners / Abutters to – Lake Boon, Stow/Hudson, MA
FROM: SŌLitude Lake Management
DATE: July 5, 2022
RE: Management of Aquatic Vegetation in Lake Boon

Please be advised that SŌLitude Lake Management will be conducting an herbicide treatment to the aquatic vegetation in Lake Boon in Stow/Hudson, Massachusetts on July 14th, 2022.

The use of the lake’s water in Basins 3 & 4 and in the Monahan’s and Hale Road Coves will be restricted as follows:

  • Swimming – Until July 15th
  • Livestock watering – Until July 15th
  • Direct drinking – Until July 15th (note that lake water should not normally be used for potable
  • water in general)
  • Irrigation – Until August 15th [this is not a typo!]

Signs warning of the water use restrictions will be posted prior to treatment in the affected areas.

For more specific water-use restrictions based on location, please refer to the treatment map.

Please feel free to contact SŌLitude Lake Management at (508) 865-1000 with any

[Note: This booster treatment maintains the slow acting systemic herbicide concentration that must be maintained over an extended time in order to be effective. It has been used about once every 3 years on Lake Boon.]

Lake Boon Commission meets July 6

The Lake Boon Commission will meet at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6. The meeting will be held on Zoom. Public participation via computer or telephone is encouraged. For dial-in info or a Zoom link, see the official agenda, posted here.

AGENDA / Topics:

  • Public Comment
  • Meeting Minutes – Review/Approve
  • Bills for Payment – Review/Approve
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Date of Next Meeting
  • Adjourn

From Mass DOT: Overnight work and bridge closure at Gleasondale

FYI, from the Mass Department of Transportation

Gleasondale Bridge Project update: Overnight Work and Bridge Closure to Install New Steel Beams

Prep work is underway to rebuild the eastern side of the Gleasondale Road Bridge. With demolition and the completion of the northern abutment and the formation of the southern abutment and two piers complete, we are scheduled to set new steel beams.

This operation will require three overnight, full traffic closures of the bridge. During each closure, a detour will be in effect.

Timing: New steel beams will be installed overnight from Wednesday 7/6 – Friday 7/8. Each night, the bridge will be closed to traffic from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.