Algae bloom – Stow Town Beach closed

Due to a dense brown-black algae bloom accumulated at the town beach this morning, it has been closed to swimming. An unofficial Blue-Green rapid test this noon showed that cyanotoxins are likely present in that area. The Stow Board of Health will be doing further testing. Be on the lookout for and avoid algae blooms in your area of the lake if considering swimming. This especially applies to young children and dogs, which are very likely to ingest water and could get very sick. See and save the Massachusetts Department of Public Health bulletin at the end of this post for more information. 

We are likely to have more algae blooms occur this year with the high temperatures and drought conditions. If you see a bloom in your area please take a photo and email it along with notes on the date, time, location, extent, approx wind speed/direction, etc. to The Lake Boon Association will attempt to keep Boonies informed of changing conditions. The LBA cannot say when or where it is safe to swim. It can only help enable individuals to make better informed decisions.

If you have neighbors who are not on-line for these notices, please make them aware of the potential hazards going forward.

Remember that the long term solution to reducing the frequency of algae blooms is to reduce phosphorus entering the lake from fertilizers, poorly maintained septic systems, pet waste, dish washing and car washing detergents, etc.

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