Pine Bluffs beach closed for swimming!

The BOH receives a phone call from Microbac laboratories today with the results of weekly testing for E Coli on Tuesday 8/12/14 @ Pine Bluffs Beach.  The E. Coli result was 276 E. Coli colonies which exceeds the acceptable number of 235 E. Coli colonies.  After discussing the result with Microbac Labs and DPH we are closing the beach until another sample scheduled to be taken on Friday 8/15/14 is completed by Microbac Labs.   The sample taken on Friday will require 18 hrs. of incubation.  The results will be communicated to the BOH by Microbac Labs by phone on Saturday 8/16/14. The BOH agent will communicate the results on Saturday when they are received by email.

The most frequently asked questions by Lake Boon community is the water in front of our dwelling safe for swimming?  The answer is the only area tested is Pine Bluffs Beach and those results indicate a problem.  If you do not sample in your own beach area, the data at town beach should be honored by Lake Boon households.

Jack Wallace

Health Agent

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