E Coli testing came back 3 times the recommended limit.

The Town Beach was tested for E. Coli bacteria again on Friday 8/15/14 by Microbac Labs.  The results were phoned to me @ 1:30 today 8/16 by the lab.and the count is 1075 colonies of E. coli bacteria well above the 235 colonies standard for Public Beaches.  The beach will remain closed until Microbac test again on Monday 8/18/14.  The homeowners on the lake should assume the data for E. Coli bacteria on the beach is the same in all areas of the lake, unless you have tested  your own swimming area for E. Coli.

 This increased number of E Coli bacterial colonies warrants further Public Health concerns to individuals with drinking water supplied from a shallow well. Households with shallow wells on Lake Boon should boil water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, and washing of any open wounds.

 The water will be retested on Monday and results will be forwarded to Stow BOH on Tuesday 8/19/14.

 This message was sent by reverse 911 system to the households on Lake Boon in Stow.

 Questions will be answere by any concerned citizens by calling my cell 978.265.0615.

 Jack Wallace

Health Agent

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